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About AFL

      Department of Applied Foreign Languages

                                  Brief Introduction


Founding Purpose:            The Department Of Applied Foreign Languages aims at

                                        cultivating professional English and Japanese talent, for

                                        application in foreign language education, health care,

                                        business, translation, and other related fields.


Departmental Evolution:    1. The department was founded in August, 2003,

                                            originally named "The Department Of Applied

                                            Languages". The student recruitment for each year was

                                            fifty. Students were not separated into tracks while

                                            freshmen, but from the sophomore year were on

                                            separated into English and Japanese tracks.

                                         2.In August, 2006, the department name was changed

                                            to "The Department Of Applied Foreign Languages".

                                            This name has been in use to the present.

                                         3.In September, 2010, the department instituted a

                                            night school bachelor's program, with 41 students

                                            recruited per class-year attending classes in the evenings

                                            from Monday through Friday. The nature is as an

                                            evening English track program.

                                         4.Starting August, 2013, the daytime undergraduate

                                            tracks has been merged together, with a recruitment

                                            of 50 students.


Educational Goals:                The department's educational goals contain the

                                            following four items.

                                         1.To raise students' foreign language proficiency, so

                                            as to be able to fluently apply foreign languages in

                                            listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating.    

                                         2.To condition students' bodies and minds, so as to be

                                            able to fully bring latent potential into play, and benefit

                                            national society.

                                         3.To expand students' international field of vision, so as

                                            to be able to accommodate the trend to globalization

                                            and adapt to transnational environments.

                                         4.To meet students' requirements regarding further

                                            studies and employment.  


Separate Tracks:                  Starting with the incoming class of the 2013-14

                                            academic year, this department does not have separate

                                            tracks. Each year, 50 students are recruited.


Focuses & Directions:          The department is an applied foreign language

                                            department. Of the applied foreign languages, English

                                            and Japanese are the main ones. The various focuses

                                            and direction include:

                                         1.A foundation in English and Japanese language

                                            teaching and learning: training students to become

                                            teachers of elementary English and Japanese.

                                         2.Translating general English and Japanese: training

                                            students to become oral and written translators of

                                            general English and Japanese.

                                         3.Practical application of professional English and

                                            Japanese: training students to become personnel in

                                            various professions that require specialized English and

                                            Japanese, especially health care fields.


Cultivating Proficiencies:    1. Foreign language proficiency in listening, speaking,

                                            reading, and writing.

                                         2.Foreign language oral and written translation


                                         3.Foreign language education proficiency.

                                         4.An appreciation of literature.

                                         5.Language research ability.

                                         6.Successful employability.


Primary Special Characteristics:   

                                         1.Both English and Japanese: Both English and

                                            Japanese are jointly required for the department's


                                         2.Student-Teacher: The entire number of students

                                            in the department has reached more than 200.

                                            There are 12 full-time teachers.

                                         3.Encouraging students to develop second

                                            specialties: To aid students in finding future 

                                            employment, the department's students are required

                                            to complete inter-disciplinary programs.This

                                            can help students inter into related professions.

                                         4.Foreign Exchanges: The school has a number of

                                            American and Japanese sister schools, providing

                                            foreign exchange opportunities for students.