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Career Perspective

Career Perspective  



Civil Services 

Public Servants, Officers and Clerks in various fields such as Administrative Departments, Foreign Affairs Bureaus, Education Organizations, Information Office etc.  



Education Organizations 

Public or Private Elementary and Secondary Schools Teachers, Languages Teaching Researchers in Related Language Centers, Teacher Drillmasters, English or Japanese Teachers, Language Coach or Counselor in Cram Schools, Administrative Staffs or Secretaries in Education Organizations.   




Languages Teaching Materials Makers or Editors, Teaching Materials Designers, Teaching Researchers, Report Editors or Proof Writers, Journalists, Publish Planners, Copy Development Translators, Translators or Interpreters.   



Commercial Industrials  

International Trade Secretaries or Professionals, Attendants of Cross-Countries Cooperation, Business Plan Organizers, Business Public Relation Services, Professional Translator, Business Marketing Researchers, Marketing Planner or Managers, Financial Investment Planner.   



Service Industrials  

International Tour Leaders, Traveling Tour Guild, Flight Attendants, Ground Crews, Hotel Room Services, Hotel Receptionists and Hotel Public Relation Secretaries.  



Culture Industrials  

Project Planners or Managers, Arts Exhibition Planners, Cross-Cultural Communicators or Compilers, Playhouse Professionals.  



Further Studies  

Continuing further education in in-country or abroad Graduate Schools related to Applied Foreign Languages Studies such as Graduate Schools of Applied Foreign Languages, International Trade, Foreign Languages & Literatures, Linguistics, Literatures & Cultural Studies, Languages & Literacy Education, Comparative Literature, Translation & Interpretation, Children’s Foreign Literatures and Creative Writing & Literatures etc.  There are always either-or choices to conduct further study at the different fields in which you are interested.